Courses for Children

We offer courses for children between 5 and 12 years old, introducing them to computer programming language using various of coding skills set. We run bespoke courses for groups of 10 or more children at a location convenient for the group and scheduled courses which are held on: Osmani Centre tower hamlets, 58 Underwood Road London E1 5AW. All our courses have small class sizes to ensure a high level of individual attention, and include email support for the duration of the course and beyond.

We prioritise teaching the foundations of programming and mastering the skills required to think like a programmer — communicating with a computer through coding is very different from communicating with other human beings. It is not fun copying code someone else wrote, we therefore let the children write the programs rather than do it for them. This mean children can return home confident in their ability to open a laptop and write their own programs. These fundamental programming skills can then be applied to any application, whether writing games, manipulating data or developing apps.